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Tax &


- Preventive assessment

- Tax planning

- Issue of reports and findings

- Tax and accounting assessment in the Corporation Tax declaration

- Optimisation of tax credits. Leverage of tax incentives

- Planning and assessment in Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Transfer Tax, Inheritance and donation Tax ...

- Preparation of income tax returns: Personal Income Tax (I.R.P.F. (PAYE)), Companies, VAT, Inheritance and donation Tax, etc.

- Assessment, planning, restructuring and transmission of transfers and family concerns

- Assessment and management of foundations, associations, sports federations and non-profit organisations

- Tax planning and assessment for foreign investors in Spain. Assessment on the fiscal optimisation of investments in Spain. Application of Double Taxation Agreements

- Analysis of Balance Sheets, accounting guidance and management

- Preparation and/or review of accounts

- Accounting and administrative outsourcing

- Handling of consultations put to the General Directorate for Taxation and the A.E.A.T. (Spanish Tax Authorities)

- Formalities related to registrations

- Assistance and representation management, verification and collection procedures

- Economic-administrative appeals and claims against actions by the Tax Administration

- Claims and appeals before national and international courts

- Tax Audits

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