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- Binding agreements and purchase options

- Commercial provisioning: distribution, franchise, commission and agency

- Contracts for the rendering of professional and industrial services

- Work and turnkey contracts

- Transport and Logistics contracts

- Transfer of contracts and subcontracting

- Constitution of guarantees: guarantees and bonds, mortgages and pledges

- Terms and General Conditions of Hiring

- National or international contracts of collaboration and association

- Licence contracts

- Multimedia work contracts

- Commercial leasing contracts

- Advertising contracts

- IT contracts: software and hardware

- Industrial Property: Patents and Marks

- Intellectual Property


- Incorporation of all types of companies: Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company

- Constitution of associations, foundations and other non-profit organisations

- Shareholders' agreements and arrangements, syndication agreements, amendments to articles of association/incorporation, capital widenings and reductions

- Assessment to business organs

- Preparation of internal codes of conduct and family protocol

- Managers' Responsibilities

- Minutes, business agreements and other company documents

- Bankruptcies and Temporary Receivership; Creditors' Meeting

- Legal Due Diligence

Mergers and Takeovers

- Different types of takeovers and sales of organisations and accessory agreements

- Acquisition and sale of branches of activity and assets

- Business group restructuring

- Mergers, Demergers, wind-ups and liquidations of all kinds of companies

- Agreements between investors, debtors and creditors

- Joint-ventures, consortia, strategic alliances and other forms of association, national and international

- Due Diligences in takeover processes

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